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First encounter with xLog

What is xLog?#


Conceptually, xLog is an open-source creative community written on the blockchain, helping authors write, own, and earn.

As a user, we should not perceive the underlying operations of the blockchain, but each operation requires verification with MetaMask, which still feels a bit strange!

How to use xLog?#

From registering on xLog to publishing the first article, it takes less than five minutes. The open-source community content is quite rich, and it is worth mentioning that the Chinese open-source community is more friendly.

As for how to use xLog, in simple terms, we first create a MetaMask account, then log in to xLog through the MetaMask account, and finally operate as with normal blogging software. For detailed instructions, there are many tutorials on xLog, so feel free to search for them.



To be honest, static blogs are still too unfriendly for someone who is not a front-end programmer. Setting up a blog with Hugo, tinkering with the environment, tinkering with themes...

But the first experience with xLog feels better, so kudos to the author DIYgod.

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